A Legendary Dining Experience

A Mysterious Madame on the Stingaree

Welcome to the Stingaree, now known as the Gaslamp District, a place where living without the law was a way of life, and only those with hidden agendas frequented. One of the most infamous and enigmatic characters from the Stingaree days was Ida Bailey.

Tastes Inspired by the Rich History of the Gaslamp

Always one for the finest things in life, Ida Bailey would certainly approve of her namesake restaurant. California fare with inspirations from South of the border, as well as around the world. Wonderful selection and value await.

A Room Draped In Elegance, With a Hint of Mystery

Ida Bailey is truly meant for ladies and gentlemen who crave history, class, and delectable dishes. With its dark paneled wood, dim lighting, and subtle chandeliers, Ida Bailey’s sets the perfect ambiance for a legendary experience.

Tasting Room Hours :
Friday 2 – 8pm
Saturday 2 – 8pm
Sunday 10am – 2pm